The Unity side of the project can be built as a package for the Unity Package Manager.


Release numbers use SemVer. The version is to be put in the filename and the package.json file.

The intention is that each release corresponds to a commit. To this end if you are making a new release version of the package:

  1. Make sure you have no modified files (check your git status - the script does this for you)
  2. Add a tag on your current commit with the release number, push the tag to the origin repo

Building (Script)

There's a simple build script included in the project. It's integrated with the Unity Editor. Access it through the taskbar:

Ubik-dev -> Pack for Unity Package Manager

Building (Manual)

Building the package manually is quite painless.

  1. Check git status does not indicate any modified files
  2. Make a new folder and copy over the Editor, Runtime and Samples folders and the package.json and package.json.meta files
  3. Rename the Samples folder to Samples~ (this stops Unity importing it into the main package)
  4. Zip it!
  5. Name the zipped file ubik-{versionnumber}.zip